Simple, Secure, Location based Document Sharing

The most secure location based file sharing tool

Share any file with anyone- but only viewable at a geographic location that you choose- so no one else can see it.

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What can I do with DocLock?

DocLock is the platform for more productivity and security in digital document sharing & collaboration.

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The perfect solution for protecting all confidential documents and files. You choose where they can be opened, and who can view them.

  • Banking & Private Equity Sector Send large and important files to your investors, clients or partners. Your files are always available and up to date.

  • Associations and Foundations Keep your documents, that are not intended for the public, secret and work efficiently on projects.

  • Consulting Firms and Lawyers Share sensitive documents and communicate securely with your colleagues.

  • Product Development and Research Send confidential documents that contain information about your intellectual properties without any worries.

We can not access your data!

All documents are stored encrypted on our servers. Only you and the person you share your files with can decrypt and view your documents and only in the geographic location you choose.

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